The Harfield Village Association (HVA) is a very active, dedicated and involved civic association playing its part to ensure the wellbeing of residents in the area, and seeking to build and strengthen community, both in Harfield Village but also extending a friendly hand to neighbouring areas.

Harfield is indeed a small village with a big heart. Please join us, and help the HVA to expand and improve our impact.

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Message from James Fernie, HVA Chairman

Dear Harfielders.

I saw disturbing videos on the weekend of gang violence taking place in Hanover Park, our neighbours who live a mere 10 minutes as the crow flies from our beloved Harfield. It is hard to comprehend that this is the same city in which we live.

This has fired us up to deliver thousands of Easter eggs to the children of Hanover Park and perhaps Manenberg if we can collect enough, so that they may have a little “Easter Cheer”.

Remember our Covid-19 Sandwich drive and efforts to collect groceries for Hanover Park? That was such a special time full of heart and love.

Let’s do it again but with Easter eggs this time!

Sharing is Caring: