The Harfield Village Association (HVA) is a very active, dedicated and involved civic association playing its part to ensure the wellbeing of residents in the area, and seeking to build and strengthen community, both in Harfield Village but also extending a friendly hand to neighbouring areas.

Harfield is indeed a small village with a big heart. Please join us, and help the HVA to expand and improve our impact.

About Harfield Village Association

General Aims and Objectives

To promote and safeguard the interests of the Community of the

To represent the interests of the community in its relationship
with the local authority, ie the City of Cape Town.

To co-operate with other organisations on matters which are likely to further the objectives of the Harfield Village Association mandate.

Specific Aims and Objectives

To safeguard the special character and environment of the Village
and to seek to enhance the same.

To stimulate and encourage public interest and create pride in the Village. To foster and encourage community spirit. To promote and hold community projects and events.
To monitor as fully as possible and to make representations to the City of Cape Town, or any other relevant body in respect of applications or proposals concerning planning, zoning or conservation affecting or likely to affect, the environment or well-being of the Village, its property owners, residents and businesses.
To pursue discussions with the City of Cape Town or other relevant authority concerning the proposed designation of the historic core of the Village as a Special Area for planning purposes subject to consultation with the residents concerned.

To take appropriate steps to prevent and bring about a reduction in crime in the Village in co-operation with the S.A. Police Service or any other relevant agency.