The Harfield Village Association (HVA) is a very active, dedicated and involved civic association playing its part to ensure the wellbeing of residents in the area, and seeking to build and strengthen community, both in Harfield Village but also extending a friendly hand to neighbouring areas.

Harfield is indeed a small village with a big heart. Please join us, and help the HVA to expand and improve our impact.

Hello my name is HOPE / HAPPINESS / PEACE Initiative

The Future – Moving towards sustainable developmental co-operation

Without doubt one of the most remarkable silver linings of the horrendous Covid-19 crisis has been the establishment of genuine, sincere and meaningful relationships between the communities of Harfield Village and Hanover Park. The forging of this kind of bond between communities historically separated and segregated should serve as a shining example of what can be achieved in the new democratic South Africa.
As the lockdown crisis abates and things move slowly towards some form of “new normal”, so the focus of emergency food aid is shifting towards a more sustainable and developmental model of assistance and co-operation.
Kicking off this campaign is the “Hello my name is HOPE project” – a joint collaboration between the Harfield Village Association (HVA) and Rosmead Superspar and Tops.
Very early on in Lockdown level 5 the HVA realised that COVID would have disastrous effects on many communities who were already struggling before COVID. The HVA formed the social outreach arm “The Helping Angels” and identified Hanover Park as the main beneficiary of their efforts for support and assistance.
However as time progressed and lockdown lessened so did donations and the HVA realised that we were dealing with a community that needed help in so many more ways than just feeding! One of the our Angels Maggie Palthe conceptualized “Hello my name is Hope project” Maggie enlisted the help of famous “Doodle Artist” Quentin Horn who lives in Harfield Village, and together they produced a series of amazing dishtowels and Tote bags around 3 themes…..
Hello :
My name is Hope
My name is Happiness
My name is Peace

Quentin Horns’s design work is beyond incredible and he has done such an amazing job. One can spend hours looking at the images and they are actually works of Art.
None of this would have been remotely possible without Mario Santana (owner of Rosmead Superspar and Tops) who funded this entire project and has helped the HVA with all it’s initiatives throughout lockdown.
Mario and his staff are incredible and Harfield Village is lucky to have such people within our community. The fabulous merchandise is available in store at Rosmead Spar at very reasonable prices. The ideal gift for anyone and especially to post overseas as the Spar Heart has been done with imagery of a Map of South Africa, Baobab trees, wild animals Cape fynbos and much more.
Each theme has particular images drawn from folk lore on hope, peace and happiness.
For Example the Hello my name is PEACE has the following inscription;
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power then we will know peace”
The Spar has already transferred the profit (in advance) to the HVA which in turn has split the money between The Alcardo Andrews Foundation (their R10 000.00 portion is going towards the installation of a fulltime kitchen in Hanover Park) and the Hanover Park Cricket Club (their portion is going towards purchasing new cricket uniforms for the children).